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História técnica da StelTalk

Faz a interface aos produtos de Telemtria Stellar. Pode gravar até 4 implantes conectados por USB, cada um dos quais reporta uma gama de canais de dados.

Data Versão Resumo
11/2023 1.13
  1. Waveform data is now transferred and stored as 16-bit values, which halves data file sizes (it previously used 32-bit float values). This also allows data files to compress more efficiently. WARNING: Previous sampling configurations will need to be regenerated as the channel types have changed.
  2. It was possible for the re-connection after signal loss process to hang up in a loop.
  3. Multiple warnings of all zero received data (indicating poor signal quality) are amalgamated to reduce screen clutter.
  4. We now display the last known RSSI (signal strength) values in the status line.
  5. There is a new File menu option to refresh the RSSI value if the system is not busy.
10/2023 1.12
  1. Made recovery from signal loss more robust by tracking every step of sampling start up.
10/2023 1.11
  1. The correction for barometric pressure was applied in the wrong direction and was limited to the first two pressure channels.
  2. Channel comments now include the Access Point serial number.
  3. The Accel channel is renamed to Motion as it is a motion detection, not a measure of acceleration.
10/2023 1.10
  1. Detects COM port disconnect when waiting for host commands and reconnects when the port is restored.
  2. Allows for latency due to the data buffer in the implants.
09/2023 1.09
  1. Automatic recovery from failure to connect to an implant when requested to sample.
  2. Added the Verbose Display option to assist in diagnosing communication problems.
  3. Increased some time-outs to give the system longer to connect with implants.
  4. Display the time taken for the implant to respond to a 'stream data' request.
09/2023 1.08
  1. Significantly reduces the CPU use of StelTalk.
  2. Checks if a selected implant is in use by another instance of StelTalk.
  3. Filters the 'raw' data from the Access Point to reduce screen clutter (unless there are unexpected events).
  4. StelTalk will now connect to a host program even if the Access Point is not connected.
09/2023 1.07
  1. Detects and displays the serial number of the Access Point in the Set COM dialog.
  2. Displays the COM port and Access Point serial number in the StelTalk title bar. The title bar holds additional information if the window vertical height is minimized.
  3. The Emulate dialog automatically selects com0com virtual ports if they are available.
09/2023 1.06
  1. Fix channel confusion with implants that do not conform to the 'default' channel assignments.
  2. Removed option to detect XYZ motion separately as unlikely to useful and reduces implant battery life.
08/2023 1.05
  1. Reduced noise in data timing.
  2. Histogram option available after sampling; previously only during sampling.
07/2023 1.04
  1. Channel comments include Animal ID in addition to device ID.
  2. Rejects attempts to run two talker instances with the same talker number.
  3. Improvements to timing and the documentation explains how to reduce COM port latency.
  4. Histogram command reports intervals between input line detection (was input data reception).
07/2023 1.03
  1. Esta é a versão inicial do StelTalk.
  2. Atmospheric pressure is sampled every 10 seconds. If the user chooses to record the Atmospheric pressure channel as RealMark data they also get the Temperature and Battery Voltage as additional values.
  3. If a pressure channel is selected, it uses the temperature reported when reading the atmospheric pressure to compensate any pressure channels.
  4. It attempts to reconnect to the implant if the wireless connection is lost during sampling.
Cambridge Electronic Design Limited

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  • Cambridge Electronic Design Limited,
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  • 139 Cambridge Road,
  • Milton,
  • Cambridge CB24 6AZ

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  • Cambridge Electronic Design Limited,
  • Technical Centre,
  • 139 Cambridge Road,
  • Milton,
  • Cambridge CB24 6AZ
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