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Spike2 version 10 more details, download

Spike2 is generally used as a chart recorder for continuous data recording. It can also be configured to record triggered output or evoked response data. Applications range from neuroscience, cardiovascular and physiological studies, through to engineering applications.

Spike2 captures event and waveform data to hard disk with simultaneous output of control pulses, steps, ramps, sinewaves and arbitrary waveforms. A flexible analysis environment allows multiple windows for both raw and processed data, with simultaneous data acquisition and analysis. Waveform processing options include feature detection with automated measurements, averages, power spectra and digital filtering. Spike processing options include on and off-line spike shape recognition, INTH, PSTH, RATE histograms, correlations and also off-line clustering with principal component analysis.

The script language allows you to customise the program for specialist applications, and to automate complicated or repetitive tasks. Spike2 version 10 requires Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 and supports 64-bit versions. See the compatibility table.



Upgrade price for registered customers of version 9



Upgrade price for registered customers of version 8



Upgrade price for registered customers of version 7



Upgrade price for registered customers of version 6



Spike2 licence to run an additional copy of the software at the same location within the same research group.



Upgrade price from version 9 to 10 for a licensed copy



Upgrade price from version 8 to 10 for a licensed copy



Upgrade price from version 7 to 10 for a licensed copy



Upgrade price from version 6 to 10 for a licensed copy



Read about how to choose between Signal and Spike2.

Talkers - currently for Spike2 versions 8.15 or 9.04 or later, or Signal version 8

BrainTalk licence - This interfaces to BrainProducts actiCHamp / actiCHamp plus which connects to between 32 and 160 EEG electrodes together with eight auxiliary analogue inputs. In addition there up to eight bits of digital data that may be sampled. Download



DelsysTalk licence - This interfaces to the Delsys Trigno telemetry system, which wirelessly collects EMG signals plus acceleration or position data. Download



DSITalk licence - This interfaces to the MX2 and CLC data acquisition systems supplied and supported by Data Sciences Inc., most of which use short range telemetry to collect various types of data (EKG, EMG, respiration, BP) from untethered animals. Download



gTecTalk licence - gTecTalk is a talker that lets you sample with the HiAmp, USBAmp or Nautilus g.Tec devices via a gNEEDaccess server process, which can be accessed from a remote PC if required. Download



IntanTalk licence - This interfaces to Intan Technologies RHD2000 equipment which logs data from large numbers of electrodes using a custom chip to digitise the signals close to the electrodes. Typically used for EMG, ECG/EKG, ECoG, EEG, neural action potentials, local field potentials, and intracellular voltages and currents. Download



OTBioTalk licence - The OTBioelettronica Sessantaquattro is a portable system for high density (64 channels) EMG detection. Download



PolTalk licence - This interfaces to the Polhemus position/motion sensing systems: FASTRAK, Patriot, Liberty, Liberty Latus, Patriot Wireless and Minuteman. Download



StelTalk licence - This interfaces to the Stellar Telemetry products. It can sample up to 4 USB-connected implants simultaneously, each of which report a range of data channels. Download



See also more Talkers and the TIB - Talker Interface Box

Academic customers who need to run more than one copy of CED application software can purchase additional licences at a fraction of the current software list price. The additional licensed copies are expected to be used on the same site and in the same building/laboratory and by people working in the same group.

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