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Hardware returns

Electronic instrumentation eventually needs re-calibrating and sometimes it may fail. So you may wish to send it to CED and get it back, fixed. We would like to help. There is a strong risk of wasting money on needless taxes and customs duties, unless you use the correct procedure.

When returning hardware to CED for repair, servicing or re-calibration, we have a returns procedure that you must follow.

Firstly, make contact, either by phone (Int.+44) (0)1223 433477 – Hardware helpdesk, or email hardhelp@ced.co.uk and we will assist you with the returns procedure that will get the most efficient and cheapest possible transit of your goods, which will hopefully save you money and time.

You will be asked about your hardware problem, and possibly given some suggestions to try, to make sure that the unit really does need to be sent back to CED.

If it is to come back, you will be given an RN number, and this will be logged onto our database. You must not return equipment to CED without an RN number.

Shipping details for Temporary returns

In the past we have received inadequately packed instruments that have arrived here damaged. To help ensure your goods arrive safely please follow these instructions: Please pack the unit in our original packaging, or in a strong double-walled cardboard box with 4"/100mm of cushioning material between it and the box. The box should not be too big or you will pay an unnecessary amount for carriage.

Ship by:

Federal Express, UPS, or DHL Worldwide (in that order of preference).
Use of DHL International will significantly increase costs and is not recommended.
Do NOT use TNT or a freight forwarding company.


Ship Express CIF door to door.
The sender must pay carriage charges.
Tell the shipper that it’s a "Temporary export to UK for repair", if you are outside the UK.

Ship to:

  • CED Returns, RN????,
  • Technical Centre,
  • 139 Cambridge Road,
  • Milton
  • Cambridge CB24 6AZ

If you are outside the UK, produce a commercial invoice for customs by writing the following details on your official letterhead (4 copies will be required):

  1. Your name and telephone number
  2. CED’s name and address as the "consignee", Paul Mappledoram as contact name
  3. Customs Procedure Code (CPC) 5100A04
  4. Commodity Code 8471 6070
  5. Brief description of the goods and reason for return, e.g. "1401 system unit S/No. Xxxx for repair in the UK"
  6. Duration of repair, say two weeks
  7. Value for customs purposes @ £200 GBP
  8. For goods valued over $1000 quote our IPR Suspension Authority number IP/0923/745/27. CDS ref no is GBIPO 214261796000 20220920 100141

It is very important that the shipper and customs know that it is a temporary export. Only then will the correct export procedures be followed, making it cheaper and quicker.

The following section is very important: please ensure you understand it, and carefully follow the instructions. If the goods are imported incorrectly, CED may refuse to accept the item you return.

Preparing the Airwaybill:

  1. In the Commodity Description box write “Temporary import to the UK for repair - scientific digital data recorder”.
  2. If there’s an export box marked “Temporary”; check it, cross it or tick it.
  3. If there’s a box for payment of Duties & Taxes; DO NOT check or tick any box. Instead, write “Temporary Import Only”.
  4. If there’s any spare space on a paper Airwaybill, write in block capital letters “TEMPORARY IMPORT INTO THE UK FOR REPAIR”.
  5. When the courier collects the package, tell them verbally that it’s a temporary export from your country to the UK for repair. If it’s with FedEx, ask them to affix a ‘Control’ label to the box.
  6. Our IPR Suspension Authority number is IP/0923/745/27. CDS ref no is GBIPO 214261796000 20220920 100141.
Cambridge Electronic Design Limited

Registered in England: 00972132

Registered office:

  • Cambridge Electronic Design Limited,
  • Technical Centre,
  • 139 Cambridge Road,
  • Milton,
  • Cambridge CB24 6AZ

VAT: GB 214 2617 96

Producer registration number: WEE/BD0050TZ

Terms and Conditions of Sale

For our US customers, we can provide tax form W-8BEN, that identifies us as a UK company.

DUNS: 219151016
NAICS: 423490
Commodity codes
Hardware: 84716070
Software: 85235190

By email:


By post:
  • Cambridge Electronic Design Limited,
  • Technical Centre,
  • 139 Cambridge Road,
  • Milton,
  • Cambridge CB24 6AZ
By telephone:

(Int.+44) (0)1223 420186

From North America (Toll Free):

1 800 345 7794