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Data processing using the script language

As well as commands for implementing all the built-in data processing functions described above, the Spike2 script language has full access to the data as arrays of waveform values or marker times. Within the script language there are many commands and mathematical functions for use with arrays, matrices and individual values. Results may then be placed back into a data file, or to another type of view, or output for further analysis.

Typical commands include:

Fill an array with a waveform or event times

Take specified measurements from a channel

Perform spectral analysis on result views, or data array

Applies a FIR filter to an array

Sort an array and optionally order others in the same way

Interpolate one array to another using cubic splines

Calculate the determinant of a matrix

Solve a set of linear equations

Transpose a matrix

Principal component analysis (singular value decomposition)

Exponential function of a number or array

Logarithm to base 10 of a number or array

The script language also contains a function for converting events to waveform format. Although similar functionality is available through the use of virtual channels, the EventToWaveform() command gives the added benefit of allowing the resultant waveform to be smoothed with a user-defined shape which may be asymmetrical.

Example script command help page

Script driven waveform processing; integration of nerve activity normalised to baseline

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