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Example Spike2 sampling configurations

Derived channel
Spike2 Derived Channel Config.s2cx (02/20)


Added in Spike2 v10.01, derived channels process the real time stream of data from an existing 1401 waveform channel. In this example, we have created a derived channel from a waveform channel sampling at 2500Hz and applied an IIR low pass filter to 30Hz to remove input frequencies that exceed half of the resulting sample rate. The derived channel is then down sampled by a ratio of 25 to give an effective sampling rate of 100Hz. This helps remove excess noise components leaving signal frequencies up to 30Hz relatively untouched. The other channel processes currently available are Rectify and Difference (slope).

Timed and triggered display
Spike2 Timed and Trigger Display Config.s2cx (02/20)


The timed sampling mode of Spike2 saves data in intervals. In this configuration, the first 10 seconds of data for every 15 seconds is saved to disk. The triggered display function is used to display each 10 seconds of saved data as a frame by searching for the onset marker and updating the display each time it is detected. Both timed sampling mode and trigger display can be used individually; the onset and offset markers of the saved data are useful to search and transform the data.

Spike2 Triggered Config.s2cx (02/20)


The triggered sampling mode of Spike2 captures data around a trigger or event. In this configuration, we have created 3 waveform channels. Channel 1 saves the full waveform to disk, and the data captured for the other channels is triggered on either the ‘a’ key for channel 2, or ‘b’ key for channel 3 being pressed. Channel 2 will save 6 seconds of data from 2 seconds before the point of trigger, while channel 3 will save 6 seconds of data from the point of trigger. The triggers themselves can also come from other event input sources.

Download all of these configurations

These configurations are examples of sampling features of Spike2. Each configuration has been produced in Spike2 version 10 and provides a framework to be modified for your own uses, dependant on the compatibility of your hardware and software. When modifying the configurations ensure all sampling parameters are checked, and external equipment is also configured for compatibility. ×

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