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Nous venons à vous pour une formation interactive


Journées de formation

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Formation en ligne 2021

Notre équipe d'assistance à la clientèle a récemment terminé notre première formation en ligne gratuite. Ces événements sont conçus pour vous aider à tirer le meilleur parti de Spike2 et de Signal. Cliquez ici pour visionner les vidéos.
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  • The latest issue of our newsletter is now available. These newsletters provide you with regular updates of news, events and training opportunities. We highlight features of our Spike2 and Signal software and answer users’ questions to help you make the most of your data.
  • Inside this issue of our newsletter you will find:
    • Script Spotlight - Accessing channel data - View() and ChanData().
    • Spike2 - Getting started with Spike Sorting - Clustering and PCA.
    • Spike2 Script – Sleep scores (Wake, NREM and REM sleep) based on hippocampal EEG and nuchal EMG recordings from a rat.
    • Signal - How do I remove mains hum from a recording?
    • Signal Script – Options within Signal to alter the format and presentation of your data, ChannelAlter.sgs.
    • Scripters Corner - Obtaining the correct view, examples.
    • Recent Questions - Is it possible to duplicate my recording window to show different channels on two monitors?
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  • There are recent uploads of Spike2 10.11a, 9.14 and 8.22.
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